Through the Parity Pipeline initiative, Film Fatales shares curated lists of projects with production companies, financiers, film festival programmers, and other industry executives looking to work with underrepresented talent. We provide personal introductions between individual filmmakers and those looking to support their projects in all stages of development, production and distribution. We also provide access to a comprehensive database of projects searchable by content (genre, synopsis, format, etc) as well as by filmmaker demographics (gender, ethnicity, orientation, disabilities) in an effort to encourage programmers, funders and producers to be more mindful of all forms of parity as they source content.

There are many barriers to programming and hiring at parity, including submission costs and access to diverse talent. The Parity Pipeline initiative bridges that gap by connecting underrepresented filmmakers with decision makers, enabling programmers to cultivate a diverse lineup of projects, and marginalized filmmakers to reach a wider audience. This initiative is designed to serve not only the independent filmmaking community, but our society as a whole.

Film Fatales is a 501(c)3 non-profit which advocates for parity in the film industry and supports an inclusive community of over a thousand women and non-binary feature film and television directors nationwide. Film Fatales raises the visibility of marginalized directors and increases the talent pool for industry organizations, programmers and production companies looking to work with more underrepresented voices. By expanding the landscape of storytelling, Film Fatales continues to bring exciting new films to the screen.