Filmmaker FAQ

What is the Parity Pipeline?

Parity Pipeline is a programming initiative from Film Fatales that provides a direct pipeline for film festival programmers, production companies and other film industry executives to find projects directed by filmmakers from underrepresented communities in an effort towards more inclusive programming and hiring practices. Filmmakers submit their project details and demographic information for inclusion in a robust database searchable by a variety of categories, including genre, format, development phase, and filmmaker demographics. Participating festival programmers and industry representatives can search this database for diverse content and to offer submission waivers, discounts and invitations to filmmakers.

The Film Fatales programming team also uses this database to compile lists of recommendations and individual letters of support for specific funding, development and screening opportunities. During this beta phase, the Parity Pipeline is exclusive to members of Film Fatales based in the United States.

The Parity Pipeline consists of two programs, Parity Pipeline Festivals and Parity Pipeline Development. Members of Film Fatales are invited to submit information about their completed short films, narrative features, and documentaries available for screening on the film festival circuit to the Parity Pipeline Festival program. Projects in any stage of development (pre, production, and post) can be submitted to the Parity Pipeline Development program to be recommended for pitching opportunities, development labs, production grants and post-production support. Each program requires a separate application fee and form to be filled out for each project submitted, and members of Film Fatales are invited to submit as many projects as they would like.

How do I add my project?

Submit an application and fee for Parity Pipeline Festivals here: and for Parity Pipeline Development here:

How does the Development Pipeline work?

The Parity Pipeline directory of projects in development, production and post-production  is used in a variety of ways. First, it is used by Film Fatales staff and volunteers to recommend projects for specific opportunities.  For example, production companies and development executives will contact us with requests for projects that meet certain criteria and we will use the database to generate a curated list of projects they might be interested in supporting. Other times development labs or funders will offer submission discounts or waivers for projects that meet certain requirements and these opportunities are then shared with filmmakers applying for those grants or programs.  Our team regularly reaches out to agencies, production companies, funders and programmers to advocate for inclusive selection practices and the Parity Pipeline database is an invaluable tool in connecting those industry executives looking for the next project from underrepresented directors. The more information that is included about a specific project, the more opportunities there will be.

How does the Festival Pipeline work?

The Parity Pipeline directory of completed projects is primarily used to increase screening opportunities for short films, narrative features and documentaries on the film festival circuit.  The Film Fatales programming team uses the database to generate lists of available projects to be shared directly with over 200 film festival programmers nationwide. These programmers then request screeners, offer submission waivers or discounts to be shared directly with filmmakers to follow up.

Do I need to pay for each project?

Yes. During the beta phase of this initiative, we are asking for an application fee for each project to help cover the overhead of building and maintaining this database as we continue to seek additional funding. Current fees for completed films on the festival circuit are $60 for features and $30 for shorts. Application fees for the Parity Pipeline Development program are $30 for features, shorts and episodic projects.

What materials should I upload?

Only upload materials you are comfortable sharing. For example we suggest including a lookbook rather than a screenplay, or a trailer rather than a full screener, because we will be giving access to this database to industry representatives.  You can always follow up with additional current materials and links directly with the company or programmer interested in your project.

How can I see my information?

At this time, we are not able to provide you with a view of all of your information in the database, but you can find a typical view of what we send to festival programmers here: Parity Pipeline Festivals Demo. If you have any questions about your specific project information you can email for project in the Parity Pipeline Festival program or project in the Parity Pipeline Development program.

How do I update my information?

You can either resubmit the form with your updated information and enter N/A in any of the fields you do not need to update, or email for updates to your project in the Parity Pipeline Festival program or for updates to your project in the Parity Pipeline Development program.

Will you submit my project for me?

You should always submit to everything on your own, just think of us as an added help. We make a concerted effort to reach out to festivals and industry opportunities early in their submission process to try to get waivers and discounts before filmmakers apply on their own. If there is something that you are particularly passionate about applying to, always check with us first to see if we may be able to get you a discount or waiver before submitting.

I have a project seeking finishing funds that is ready to be submitted to festivals, which Pipeline should I submit for?

You should submit an application and pay a fee for both the Festival Pipeline and the Development Pipeline.

How is a project removed?

Once a project is no longer in development it can be resubmitted for the Festival Pipeline and once project is no longer on the festival circuit, it will be remove from the database and archived for future screening series.

What are the eligibility requirements to submit a project?

At this time, the Parity Pipeline is limited to projects that are directed or co-directed by members of Film Fatales who are US Citizens. We understand that director attachments for projects in development might change, but please only submit projects that you intend to direct. We will let you know if this changes in the future.

I submitted a project but it was not accepted. Can you refund my application fee?

Application fees are non-refundable.